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If you have ever attended or hosted one of Samir Chantre’s BJJ seminars, I would love your feedback. Please, leave your review in the comment area bellow. I appreciate it!

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  1. Danny McGehee says:

    I’m a white belt…. Yep. I try and attend all the seminars that come by. I’ve been to Pedro sauer, Caio terra (2x) and Samir Chantre. All of these guys are just great people. I’m amazed every day at how many good people I meet. Samir is just a good guy. He doesn’t care if your a white belt or a black belt. He talks to you like a friend. Caio is funny with his judo chops and Pedro is a legend in BJJ( also a very humble human being) Samir is awesome. It’s the first seminar where I understood everything. I felt like I could apply it. It was so advanced but he explained the details in ways I could really understand. He also made it a point to come by and watch everyone training. He really watched. If he didn’t fix you then you were doing it ok. But he also took time to change you if you weren’t. Down to the smallest angle. We had a lot of guys training that night and he really took his time to make us understand. All of us! My mind was blown at every technique he showed us, but not only do I remember the exact moves he tought, I have been able to use the fundamentals of all the moves in every aspect of my game. He is a great guy and professor. If you have any chance at all to meet him you should bend over backwards to do it!

  2. michael ritzler says:

    A PLUS … 2 thumbs way up … went to a seminar last night @ my other home away from home WISE FIGHTERS … cant wait to roll again and apply the techniques that were gone over … 3 hours of knowledge … if I can use one technique that fits into my game it’ll be worth it , thanks samir

  3. Ratel says:

    We are few guys from France with no teacher rolling in a cave. We came to Samir Chantre seminar in Saint-Malo in March 2013. Samir was affordable with us, answering a lot of questions and giving good tips. Techniques shown (spider drills to omplata and triangle then pass like X pass, Over and Under and Leg Drag) were efficient. A good souvenir for us. And as Samir is back tomorrow in SAINT-MALO we will be there !

  4. We were fortunate to have Samir Chantre at Leader MA / Bannister Brothers Jiu Jitsu on July 13,2014, for a seminar. Samir’s skill and knowledge of Jiu Jitsu is at the cutting edge of the arts evolution. His teaching approach is to lay a conceptual foundation from a control position that he would have spent years working attacks, sweeps and counters to counters from. He will give you in a few hours techniques he has spent many many hours , years, perfecting and testing , at the highest levels of competition. While teaching the specific techniques he emphasizes the concepts which can be applied to any positional approach to JJ in general. More importantly he is a humble man, a man of character and I consider him friend. I highly recommend him.

  5. Rommel Martinez says:

    1st I would like to say that Samir Chantra is an amazing JJ practitioner- but even more so outside of his professional career. He is a man of FAITH & very humble which makes him very approachable & with that being said-his intellect & technical attributes in BJJ reflects very well as a TEACHER.. I attended his seminar several years ago & I still benefit of those techniques I learned from that day.. I highly recommend not missing out on his seminar! Just go & you’ll see what I’m n taking about!

  6. Ricky Updike says:

    I attended Samir’s seminar in Jupiter Florida at the armory last weekend. It was well organized, informatitive, and most importantly, demonstrated well. Samir and Asher were able to teach me, a 5’8″ 190lb beast, to berimbolo!! It’s not pretty but it works! Next time Samir comes to Florida, I will def be attending his seminars. I would highly recommend doing the same. Who wouldn’t want to learn from a World Champion?

  7. Josh says:

    Best instruction I have ever received very nice guy all around great teacher

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