Ares BJJ Association

They say everything happens for a reason, and whether that is your philosophy or not, Ares BJJ Association grew from an idea into an action, into a reality. The four founding members, Me, Osvaldo Queixinho, Milton Bastos and Alan Moraes, all with lasting impacts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, have just opened the doors, wide, to the new association and we are ready to show the world who we are.
Ares BJJ is putting family at the forefront. Our mission is to bring jiu jitsu to the next level and change lives. However, we have made one point very clear; and that is that we don’t just want affiliations, we want family member. A sense of home and community was the most important and driving force when launching the association. Expect big things for this new and solid team that starts today with approximately 15 academies.
Check us out at and get to know more about our philosophy and goals.

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