3x Pan American No-Gi Champion

Excellent week for us in the east coast! Me and Queixinho had a very good time teaching and training in an annual Nogi Camp we do at BJJ Conquest in Baltimore with our friend Vicente Junior. On Friday we drove up to New York to compete on the next day. The drive got me a couple pounds of water retention but 20 minutes of jacuzzi was enough to bring me back to the right weight.
The tournament was excellent, The fist fight of my division went to see who would face me in the semis and it ended up in a quick submission. On the other side of the bracket, Queixinho beat Gianni Grippo by one penalti and advanced to the finals.
Now was my turn to make my way to the finals and thank God I was able to control my fight and submit my opponent after score 23-0. One more Pan Ams title for me and Queixinho! 3 years in a row we close out the featherweight division!!! Since last year the gold was mine, this year Queixinho took it!


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