2x World No-Gi Champion

This years Worlds was very special. The day before, already in LA, I was filming a trailer for an upcoming event and while skateboarding I went a little bit over the top and ended up falling down which gave me some bad burns and cuts on my hand, arm and legs. At anytime I thought about giving up so I treated it right and on the next day I was there all taped up but ready to fight.
My first fight went well and even though I was feeling pain and very slow due all the pain killers I was taking I managed to win my fight by 8-0.
Queixinho on the other side of the bracket also won his first match.
Time for the semi finals. I had some energy drinks to go against the pain killers that was making me so sleepy. Me and Queixinho fighting at the same time, me against Carlos Holanda “Esquisito” and he, again, against Gianni Grippo. Esquisito had beat me before right when I got my black belt so that fight had a different taste for me.
Thank God, one more time everything went as planned. Queixinho won his match against Gianni by decision and I won my match by one penalty against Esquisito. Me and Queixinho closed out the feather weight division! This time I took the gold!


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