2011 Worlds No-Gi

Samir Chantre takes bronze at the 2011 Worlds No-Gi.

For the first time in three years Samir doesn’t make until the finals. Coming from injure and with not enough time to recover, Samir trained for a week for one of the most prestigious no-gi event of the year, ” I don’t care if I lose, this tournament is only once a year, I won’t miss this opportunity, even though if I have to compete in the weight above the one I’m used to”.  says Samir

In the first match Samir Chantre faced a guy from Check Mat/AKA and submitted in less than 2 minutes by armbar. The second match was a really good match against the champion of last year, Samir put a show of attacks including sweeps and submissions but your opponent was very smart in defend the whole match after getting 2 points for what the referee called a takedown and kept this same score until the end. “The fight was great, I showed everybody here that I wanted to fight the whole time, a lot of people thought I’ve won because I was the only one fighting, after he got 2 points he didn’t move at all, only defending himself. I got him in lots of uncomfortable positions such as sweeps, back attack, foot locks, armbar and omoplata  but he was skilled enough to scape. Great fighter and a very humble guy. Next year I’ll be back stronger and better prepared to get my title back! ” Says Samir.

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