Road To The TOP – Part 2

The Road To The TOP – Part 2 is now up!!! The article I write for Tatame Magazine about how to prepare yourself for the upcoming tournaments. It’s a series of articles that will be released weekly. In this second one, I talk about some of the most common mistakes people do during their preparation….

Road To The TOP

Check out this article I wrote for Tatame Magazine about how to prepare yourself for the upcoming tournaments. It’s a series of articles that will be released weekly. In this first one, I talk about scheduling our competitions for the year. I hope you guys enjoy it! Go now to

Ares BJJ Academy Official Grand Opening

Please join us for our Official Grand Opening celebration on Saturday May 21st from 10am-12pm. Anyone from anywhere is welcome to attend! See you on the mat! Ares BJJ Modesto 3900 Pelandale Ave Ste 310 Modesto, CA 95356 Email: Phone: 714 916-3762

AZ Int. Open 2016

Ares BJJ Arizona dominated the 11th AZ International Open on February 20th and 21st with an impressive First Place win for the Adults and Third Place for the kids. Our team was the largest with 55 adults and 26 kids competing! We also had several members from Ares BJJ in Northern California come out to…

IBJJF San Jose Int. Open

This event was very important to so many of us and I really can’t believe how awesome we did. It was Ares BJJ debut and we placed second in gi and third in no gi as an association. All of our students preformed so well and it makes me really happy to see our dreams…

Ares BJJ Association

They say everything happens for a reason, and whether that is your philosophy or not, Ares BJJ Association grew from an idea into an action, into a reality. The four founding members, Me, Osvaldo Queixinho, Milton Bastos and Alan Moraes, all with lasting impacts in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, have just opened the doors, wide, to…

Association Change

From now on, I’m no longer part of Caio Terra Association. I’ve known Caio for 10 years and we have been always good friends and always trained together even though we belonged to different associations back in Brazil. We decided to become teammates when I moved here to US after got promoted to black belt….

IBJJF Rankings No-Gi

Almost time for No-Gi Worlds and I’m very excited to try to keep my title. Last year it was amazing being able to close out the bracket with my good friend Queixinho. As of today, I’m ranked #1 in my division, and I hope to keep this position for a long time!!! Oss

Jiu-Jitsu Magazine Cover

It was always a dream, now is reality. Cover of Jiu-Jitsu magazine! When things like that happens I think about way back when I first start training and didn’t really know why I was there or for what, I just wanted to have fun. Today, I see how far I’ve came and how much I’ve…

Samir Chantre BJJ Academy / Team Endure

On January 4th, I started a new journey in my life. Moved from San Jose, CA to Modesto, CA so I could dedicate myself more to my gym in Ceres, CA. Teaching there everyday is being a blessing for me, the school is growing and I already can see the motivation in my students eyes…

2x World No-Gi Champion

This years Worlds was very special. The day before, already in LA, I was filming a trailer for an upcoming event and while skateboarding I went a little bit over the top and ended up falling down which gave me some bad burns and cuts on my hand, arm and legs. At anytime I thought…